So you have a sportY car and want to race it.

  • Where do you go?

  • How much will it cost?

  • What about my car?

  • How will it hold up?

Which Type of Racing Do you want to do?

1. Autocross - See our full Autocross Guide Here

If a lowered truck can make it around the course, so can your Corolla, so go sign up for an event now!

If a lowered truck can make it around the course, so can your Corolla, so go sign up for an event now!

  • 30-70 second test of driver skill and cars handling ability through a cone course (5-8 passes)

  • Speeds usually do not exceed 70-85mph

  • Locations range from parking lots, Airport runways, to on real race tracks

  • Low cost of entry $35-55

  • Low risk of damaging your car

  • Minimal wear on your car with the exception of tires

  • Must pass basic safety inspection (car has to be in good working order)

  • Helmet needed (clubs usually offer spares for free)

  • You must work part of the day (picking up cones etc)

  • Any car will do but small cars usually excel (Miata, Lotus, BRZ/FRS etc)

Autocross Websites

Find an Sports Car Club of America Region (Largest Autocross club)

Find other Autocross Events (also might include SCCA events)


2. Drag racing Events

  • Straight line test of acceleration

  • Low cost of entry $10-35

  • Can be hard on your drive train the more sticky your tires are

  • Usually at least 5 passes depending on turn out and incidents

  • Minimal safety inspections and requirements

  • Usually NOT covered by insurance if you crash

  • If you crash you crash into another car or wall

Drag Racing Websites

WannaGoFast - 1/2 Mile Drag Racing. Expensive but very fun

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) 1/4 or 1/8mile racing

Use the NHRAs track finder to find a drag strip near you.


3. Track Days

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  • Test of driver skill, car power and handling ability

  • Depending on type of event it can range from 90mins (High Performance Driving Event) to 36hours (World Racing League)

  • Expensive: $90-600 (avg $200) and beyond

  • Best value for racing seat time

  • Potential Loss of car with no coverage, even if its not your fault. Insurance ranges form $300 and up for a single track day

  • Very hard on your car. Brake/Tire Wear. Potential of bumping.

Track Day Websites

Recommend you start with a High Performance Driving Event or an event with an Instructor. Usually this is required anyway.


  • Combination of multiple types of events.

  • Autocross/Track Day/Car Show/Start Stop Drag Race

  • Streetable Cars only

  • High cost of entry

  • No working

  • Events are throughout the USA


Here are a few other types that are a bit less common but still worth looking into for amateur racing.

  • Rallycross - Offroad racing with small cars

  • Drifting - More of a style event than racing. RWD and willingness to punish your car

  • Texas Mile - Mile Drag race. You need huge power for this

  • Tail of the Dragon - Similar to Autocross. Its a point to point race in the Appalachian mountains